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Cast Iron Toys

If there is ever anything that always gets its share of attention any time day or night, it's the huge, red fire truck flying down the road with its siren screaming, its horn blasting, and its bright lights flashing! And it's the same way here at the toy museum. There is something about that shiny, red emergency vehicle and those bright flashing lights that turns our heads and holds our attention. Sears featured them on the front covers of their catalogues and store managers displayed them in their front windows. Some were more realistic while others required a little more imagination, but all brought lots of fun and excitement! Children yearned for them. Dads couldn't resist them.

Our amazing collection of cast iron fire trucks, antique tin fire trucks, and pressed steel fire trucks always have plenty of heads turning and necks craning to get a better look at 'em! Come see if we have your old fire truck.

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